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Certified life Coach, Hypnotherapist,

CBT Practitioner & Ayurvedic therapist

Hi i'm Sarah, i now live the life i want to live after years of learning and difficult obstacles i've had to overcome. A simple, natural, life.

I'm an empathic, sensitive person that has had to learn about myself to be able to exsist in an apparently difficult world. Being very sensitive, makes you more vulnerable to suffering which equally makes you suffer more at least until you learn how to deal with your own sensitivity and awareness.

I took responsability for myself from a very young age but i've dedicated many years helping others to see how they can better their lives, including my three children, this gives me great joy. I've learn't managment from quite young but soon realised that my passion lay in natural therapies, which took me on a long journey of personal growth while growing with my children. I studied and practiced many diciplines and got my diploma in Ayurveda and have practiced for more than 20 years. In recent years i was curious about the mind so i studied CBT, NLP, life coaching and Hypnotherapy.

Through my growth i now know that every day is a new day and new life if i want it to be.

This is what i would like to propose to every one, to realise that in any moment you can change, something or everything in your life and that nothing is out of reach. I have changed many times.

Those thoughts coming up all the time telling you that you can't, beliefs that you have formed over many years that limit you from living to the full and with joy, can be changed no matter how ingrained they are.

I have suffered and been very tempted to remain in my suffering, in victim mode a kind of safe space, comfort zone but which really held me back in life and stopped me from enjoying even small things, i did it for a while until the pressure of it became so great that i exploded all in one go, i don't wish that on any one, it's a really hard thing to go through and causes alot of suffering all round, the sooner you realise you are people pleasing but not catering for your own needs, the better.

It's better to learn things about life that we aren't taught in school unfortunately, as soon as possible so that we can take our lives in to our own hands. That's really what it's down to, taking responsability for ourselves.

Together we can identify the main issues in your life and develop a personal programme for change towards growth and maturity.  Maturity dosen't mean losing your inner child.

"Finding yourself is actually, returning to yourself, an unlearning, an excavation, a remembering who you were before society got it's hands on you".

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    Finding new pathways to go beyond the obstacles of life
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    On your Road to excellence
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    • A safe space to discover what's blocking you, discovery!
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White Structure

"It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles"

"It is better to travel well than to arrive"

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