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What people Say!

"Sarah is patient and Empathic and was able to make me feel comfortable quickly, she has a caring energy which really helped me feel at ease"

“Sarah is a professional that operates with her hands but above all with her heart and she captivates everyone she meets, trying is believing!”
Ayurvedic experience

"I would like to thank Sarah for her great coaching sessions, she helped me notice and see areas I needed to  work and improve on, she also encouraged me to take the necessary steps to achieve my goals."

"I enjoyed my Session with Sarah, she is very Empathic, compassionate, gentle and really good at active listening, something I truly appreciate as I understand the value of it!"

"Sarah is a warm and caring coach that also knows how to keep the session moving forwards, with out making you feel rushed, she also understands how to connect the dots so everything comes together in a better understanding of yourself and the issues you are facing and how to identify the right actions going forward".

“Sarah's skill in CBT and her ability to adapt to the clients needs are remarkable, despite having a cold she was fully present and ensured the session was both meaningful and actionable.
Her questioning was on point and she  skilfully guided me to important takeaways and next steps.
Sarah's grounded understanding of the modality and her thoughtful application make her an exceptional coach, one I would highly recommend.

The Timeline Intervention, was particularly impactful, it helped me question and reevaluate my limiting beliefs leading to a clearer understanding of my emotional drivers.
This activity not only offered me insight but also provided me with a practical framework for addressing  and transforming my internal dialogue.

"Sarah is clearly very experienced and made me feel that I could be open and honest without judgement.
Highly recommended!

Thank you for a great session! it was nice to be able to see something significant in a short period of time and I look forward to seeing how I move forward with this new realisation.

I am an Aromatherapist and was fortunate enough to work with Sarah 20 years ago. She has continued to inspire me ever since, her freindship, support, encouragment and love has played a valuable part in my life.

I feel blessed to have found her all those years ago!"

With a warm  and friendly environment, it was easy for me to show my vulnerability with Sarah.

Her abilities and unique style of coaching have helped me get clear and I have gained confidence of who I want to be.

I highly recommend her!

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