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I have a dream!

I have a dream! Connected to my vision which is far beyond me, I am connected to everything so I have a deep connection to earth.

There is a word:

Terraphile: A lover of earth, someone who feels a profound connection to the earth and holds a belief that all of the land is sacred.
One who acknowledges and deeply appreciates all of the beauty, nourishment, magic and goodness that the earth provides.

This for me is, being wholesome!

This connection that I feel, that I am aware of, has been what has kept me going and motivated in my darkest moments. I felt the hug of nature, of spirit!

This connection has been defined as spiritual feeling, as it is abstract, we can't see it but we are aware of it, well! many of us are, there are many other people in the world who need scientific proof, a rational reason for things, personally, I feel, i'm highly sensitive yet I use critical thinking.

A critical thinking empath!

There is another word that I relate to:

Eco Visionary: A person who actively envisions humanity thriving in harmony with the earth's intelligence.
Inspiring systemic change, towards a world where we can all recognise and care for nature as our home.

I totally resonate with both of these, they are truths I hold within me, are they too abstract for you?

I am part of a community of people with many perspectives, some more flexible than others.

All of the people in this community are there, firstly because they want to be better people and grow within themselves and they all have a vision, whether they are conscious or not yet, they are all interested in having a purpose, an Outcome for what they contribute.

Our community, founded by Kain and Karen Ramsay just took on another phase in its expansion, what Kain calls Outcome Dynamics, a community that is self led by trained leaders who enable other leaders which will go out in the world to lead, totally grounded in the common good and sound ethics based on values, integrity and wisdom, these people will be part of something much bigger than themselves that will ripple in to the future and create a Dynamic Outcome!

The humanity I envision in my meditation every morning!

"A society grows great when people plant trees they know they will never sit under"

Our time here is not just about us, about getting rich, material things, Its about understanding who we are, growing in wisdom and passing it on to help others do the same, it's about caring for ourselves, earth and supporting others and this has a growth journey which is a lot quicker to understand when you are part of a like minded community.

If you would like to know more and be part of this community hit the button.

Thank you for reading

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