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Letting Go!

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

"let it go"

We hear this alot dont we, what does it actually mean?

well!. like a computer we store everything with in us, everything! it only takes three seconds of focus to absorb information, images anything our brain stores it, so think about that, what are you bringing in to your reality?.

I personally do not watch screens much any more and i have chosen to live in a very rural area to not be over stimulated. I also clear my self everyday through meditation.

Life experiences remain trapped with in us if we don't process and release, emotional memory can stay in our bodies along with thoughts we have buried because it was painful but if we don't clear it, it can cause dis-ease. We also carry trauma and generational trauma with is learn't from those around us.

To let go takes courage to release what we no longer need, to make peace with the past no matter how hard that is and just keep what we learn't from it and need to take us forward.

Maybe we have done that but still need to let go of old behaviours we developed around old beliefs. All of this takes awareness and self examination.

Sometimes we can have alot of awareness but still be holding back from being our best possible self, our authentic self, which we need to fine tune or talk to a skilled listener who plays back to us our self talk, often that's all it takes because there are many different levels to us.

We always know in our heart when we are not being truthful to ourselves and consequently to others.

There are many techniques we can use to overcome our blockages, I have personally been on a long journey of personal growth, we need to realise that we have four houses if you like, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical and they all need to be free, clean and balanced between each other, we can't live life from one of them.

what are you doing to balance yourself?

how are you cleaning your houses?

The only real battle in life is between hanging on and letting go!

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