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Spring Detox!

Have you noticed how distracted people are in spring time?

I think it's when many accidents happen.

It's a time of regrowth and a time to absorb new life and the countryside is starting to be so lush everywhere in Italy. There is a high energy flow all around us that makes the more sensitive of us feel quite dizzy but everyone feels it.

Spring is the time to detox from the heaviness of winter, clean our bodies out, improve our microbiome which in turn is a tonic for all of our organs and our brain, this brings more clarity, lightness and focus to start the summer, some people fast but for some fasting isn't an answer and I have always found juicing a good system or mono fasting where we just eat one fruit for about 3 days.

It is always good to know yourself be aware of your needs and try and see what is best for you as in eastern cultures people would rest when fasting.

Know that fruit is cleansing the body while giving energy and vitamins and minerals, much needed, I personally know a lot of people who hardly ever eat fruit and vegetables and most of them are full of ailments, alcohol, processed food and carbs, meat and carbs together are creating a lot of stress on the organs and the digestive system.

According to Ayurveda an ancient science of life we have constitutional types and according to our constitution determines what kind of foods we need to eat at which time of year, if we pay attention to nature then we will know that she provides the best foods for us in each season, also the wild plants which detox us like nettles, dandelion etc.

Apart from our dietary needs, Spring is also a great time to go to Hot springs if you have the possibility, immerse yourself in nature, walks and movement and think about having some balancing, healing massages, meditate to bring more focus and balance to your days.

Again find what works for you, different constitutional types like different things as far as sports, relaxation, music are concerned.

If you don't feel that you would like a full body massage, consider a reflexology foot massage and spa foot pedicure, even something like that can work wonders as the reflexology points connect to the whole body.

I will be starting my detox now for 3 days of juice, I use vegetables as well in my juices, then I will have a week without refined carbs at all.

If you are interested in joining me or would like to know your constitutional type and maybe want to know more join me in the growth hub on my website for a year of personal growth, health, balance and joy!

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