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What is Abundance?

A very large quantity of something!

"an abundance of wildlife" for example, we hear this all the time, people talking about being in abundance but abundance of what?, love, peace, wealth, what exactly are we in abundance of?.

We may have one or the other or even all areas of our lives abundant as the many young gurus are

telling us and charging great amounts of money to teach us, so they have definitely mastered abundance of wealth.

This is an area I have been working on lately, I am being pushed towards releasing any emotional

blocks I have towards money.

I have made myself believe that I didn't have any blocks but that wasn't true.

Even though I have been through periods of lack and realised that money is just a commodity and the real problem is how we relate to it and what goes on in our minds when we are in lack, I realised that I was actually calm when I didn't have any because I simply surrendered to the fact.

The truth is that I was taught to be like that by my parents, not at all blaming them because they were unaware of the fact that they were teaching me that, We actually had alot of money over the years it was just not managed well. I was taught lack, our society teaches lack on MSM.

Because of what i was Seeing as a child I went on to choose a person that had the same characteristics and like a child, I felt I had no say or power in the matter.

The truth is that I have always been very capable of empowering others to become wealthy, making other businesses flourish, yet couldn't see it for myself.

I recently had coaching myself and found a very subtle habit that I had, yet no longer needed because actually there are no longer blocks to my wealth it is just a game going on in my head that prevents me from moving forward.

I have become used to making excuses to not move forward, procrastinating if you like, I was aware of the resistance in the form of energy I could feel but hadn't really seen it as action.

Awareness and synchronisity are really important to understanding yourself, watch out for the sublime messages that you are

receiving, mine have all been about wealth and I am leaning in to it now.

Some people have an abundance of wealth but no love or relationships that mean something to them.

Maybe peace is lacking when we have the others, what ever is lacking in our lives we just need to pay attention to what is blocking that, what we need to change, let go of, forgive and eventually tie up the loose ends and give closure to.

we can have it all!

why not? we are and already have abundance flowing through us if we allow it to flow through our energetic bodies, we need to keep them clean, we need to do the work.

We need to stop allowing ourselves to be brainwashed and stop speaking of lack and start feeling and speaking abundantly, play our golden cards!

Things will change when we do the work!
Are you wealthy?
How do you feel about money?
Is their a beleif or learnt behaviour that s holding you back?
Are you procrastinating?

Let me know your thoughts and I am as always available to work with you on this if you feel the need.

Thankyou Sarah

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