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Accepting both sides of us!

I'm seeing so many young people and also not so young, that are having difficulty accepting them selves where they are,

Here and Now! it's all there is.....

Can you accept the quote above?

Many people are blocked for so many reasons, limited thinking, strong emotions, difficulty connecting with others, trauma.

I have been working on accepting both sides of us, myself and with many people, I have seen that when we start to have realisation through awareness of ourselves and our connection to the things that have happened to us, we start to feel guilty, usually the guilt is tied to what we have done or what we haven't done, the truth is we know that we haven't been authentic to ourselves.

We are all good people, deep within ourselves, under the constructed layers!

People find themselves blocked and scared to move forward because they realise that they were living in a safely constructed mode, that didn't make them happy but then find themselves in a deconstruction period and having to reconstruct their authentic selves and move forward as themselves and this can be very scary for a lot of people and requires courage to make the moves.

Then there is a feeling of regret, that we didn't do it before.

We can't take back time, we only have the now moment so it's better now than never!

It doesn't matter how old you are either, we can teach an old dog new tricks, especially if there is food involved.

people walking with shadows

This is commonly known as our shadow, the dark side, those parts of us that we don't like and we don't want to admit to but hey!

We all have them!

The sooner we become aware the better, then we can start to live our authentic life and be ourselves and start to see what we can do with our life that is of our own choosing, what is important to us and not what someone else chose for us.

When we are standing in our own authentic self, taking responsibility for ourselves, communicating kindly and assertively our needs and also our boundaries, creating a vision of how we want to live and thrive that is purposeful to ourselves and our community, not fearing vulnerability which is something we all have from time to time, we are Human, then I think we will be living a harmonious joyful life.

Taking responsibility of that is the first step, start to feel yourself, know yourself, be aware of yourself

recreate the connection to your higher self, nurture it, meditate everyday that is where it is, in no mind, Feel it!

If you have been inspired to know more about yourself, please read more of my blogs and maybe think about having a one to one session to gain more clarity on this, our community has work books and chat with me to discuss the various subjects of personal growth.

Thanks Sarah

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