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How many times have we misinterpreted people?

Misinterpretation happens when we are not listening closely to understand people, when we are judging them from our biased thought process, when we are not communicating clearly or when we are acting out of our belief systems, when we are not being who we really are.

How sad is it actually that we misunderstand others, that those misunderstandings are passed on through centuries and how all of this affects all of us generationally.

Neil Douglas Klotz, PhD scholar and researcher in Middle Eastern Spirituality, talks about the misinterpretation of language, he explains that words that were used by Jesus in his native Aramaic, that over the years were translated differently to what they really meant at the time, take on a whole different meaning and interpretation for us.

For instance, the translation of "evil" is "unripeness" which simply means lacking in awareness or unconsciousness, "trespasses" meant "boundaries" rather than "sin" and "temptation" actually means "forgetfulness" meaning we forget that who we really are.

Do we have the patience to really understand someone and put aside all of our limiting structures and dynamics created around them, how unripe are we?

We can see from the statements above how we may have been conditioned over many years by many peoples misinterpretation of scriptures and translations and also cultural meanings of things.

How do we misinterpret ourselves? when we are feeling things within us and our minds are trying to work out what is going on inside us, I can remember going for coaching as I was stuck and putting all sorts of reasons for it and by the end of the session I realised that it was grief of my dads passing.

If we misunderstand ourselves then it's easy to see how we can do the same to others so how can we gain more clarity?

Be more aware of as many real facts about things rather than here say!

Go and ask, be curious!
Be aware of yourself, bias, beliefs, blind spots, tolerance, behaviours, language!
Seek to understand, with patience and acceptance!
Be who you really are!
" You are the essence of the essence. The intoxication of love. I long to sing your praises but stand mute with the agony of wishing in my heart."

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