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Perseverance! How do we keep going?

I had an interesting offer today, totally not asked for! It actually gave me the boost to write a blog.

In a pushy world where people are trying to achieve something in their lives, there are so many tips on how to do things and we may think we have to fall into the expectation of the moment.

People contact you, telling you how to do things when in actual fact they don't even know what you are doing.

Often the reason why we haven't done one thing is because we are doing something else and keeping on top of everything can be difficult but things also come in stages.

I personally have been studying for a master in following personal challenges to speak in public and make workshops as part of my work, as well as follow my family and personal life and part time work.

Keeping on top of social media as well is difficult as that is also a job, when I get to the end of my other studies, I will feel ready and willing to launch myself on a more serious scale, SEO and all.

I have had a lot of Perseverance to keep going as my goal is to bring my helping skills to the community, online and off, it is not my ambition to become famous or an influencer, I am no longer a people pleaser, I now help people to grow and become self aware and socially aware, through the academy of modern applied psychology, 1-1 sessions and yearly growth hub at on the booking page.

So how do we persevere?

-By having clear vision of our values and skills that we want to achieve, is crucial to moving forward. Make sure our goals are challenging enough to keep us motivated or keep renewing them in steps, make sure they are realistic and achievable.

-Maintain a positive attitude, remember every failure is a learning curve and every setback helps us to resolve problems to move towards excellence.

-Practice patience, don't expect immediate results, keep working steadily towards our goal, small steps lead to big results in the long run which could even be different from our expectation.

-Commitment is the key, even when things get tough, which may lead to some sacrifice and extra effort.

-Support can greatly increase our ability to persevere, positive friends, family, colleges, any one who can hold us accountable to keep going forward.

These are the qualities that have kept me going , accountability has greatly helped me to achieve my goals and regular coaching sessions when feeling in doubt .......

Fall seven times and stand up eight!............. Japanese proverb.
It's hard to beat a person who never gives up!


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