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What is true for you?

Truth is very abstract, it is not actually something set in stone!

What was true in the past, however real that still seems, is not real today unless it is still happening and even then it can be mutable.

Sometimes people say to me, "this is how i am" or "this is my life", as though they believe there is no possibility of change.

How are you considering your personal growth?

Do you think a lot? what are you thinking, is it useful to your life or is it catastrophic, is it about everything that's going on, on the outside or are you concentrated on what you are feeling in the moment?

Where do those feelings come from?, are they new emotions or are they emotional memories?

All of these things can seem very real in the moment but are they actually true?

To get to the truth, we need to strip away all of these layers, the thoughts, the emotions tied to them, dig down to our essence, the core of us, the peace.

What is true for me is different to what is true for you, it's very personal to everyone and it is tied to belief's and bias's which actually means it's not truth at all.

We can think that what someone says is true, because we agree with them in some way but that doesn't make it true!

Some people say imperical truth, scientific truth, proven! but even that is mutable, so what's true.

For me truth is who I am at my core a neutral, peaceful place where anything is possible, if i hone into that place I can feel the subtle strength that can expand, I would call it the fountain of creation and we all have it, it's under all the illusional layers, the construct of society.

what is true for you?

I am offering pro Bono coaching at the moment, if you would be interested in discussing anything that's bothering you, through coaching you can gain a lot of clarity on how to progress in your life.

please don't hesitate to contact me.

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