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My Purpose

After years of learning how to transition through life and its many adventures and heart ache, following my heart and intuition yet not always getting it right as sometimes we don't listen to our intuition and jump into the many life lessons we need to under stand. I have gained a wealth of experience in many situations, relationships, health and communication came into play and I now know that communication and deep connection are the most important areas of our life and what it is blocking us from being our most authentic selves. I have moved into a peaceful place within me and I would like to guide you to do the same.

"Openness isn't the end; It's the Beginning"

What People Say!

“I really liked that Sarah didn't bring her own agenda into the coaching session, this may sound odd but it was great to gain insights and not be rushed in to what's next, which can often happen in coaching sessions.

For me it felt like Sarah knew that all I needed was the insight and she trusted I could build from there.

She met me where I am!


"Before the session I had no idea what  was holding me back, I just noticed that there was something in my nervous system.

I felt very much understood and listened to as I was guided in a backward meditative journey.

Sarah is so natural as a coach, she helped me already with one single session, I absolutely recommend her."


"Sarah helped me so much on my journey.


Thanks to her i got new perspectives on


my life and was able to make important


decisions for my future growth towards


living my best life. I am very grateful that


our paths crossed. I cant recommend her


highly enough.

Thank you Sarah !"

- Dominika 

Mentoring plans

Do you find yourself

Unable to

move forward and keep repeating situations? 

We can discover what is blocking you and release it to create new beliefs and healthy habits creating peace and balance

Do you find you have too many Negative thoughts?

We can discover how to move out of repetitive patterns of thinking, improve communication,
emotional response, anxiety and behaviour

Do you need a change of direction or healthy


We can take a look at all areas of life to see if they are in balance and what needs more awareness and how to move towards what you want

Do you need help goal setting and mentoring out of  procrastination?

Learn how to organise time and create space to alleviate overwhelm
prioritising the important areas of your life and enjoying the journey 

Are you highly

Emotional with difficulty 


Become calm and peaceful and learn how to communicate in a balanced, kind way and deal with triggers assertively

"The Journey Towards Healthy Balance, Begins on the Path of Self Awareness and Acceptance.

Begin Your Journey Today."

The Growth Hub yearly membership Includes a series of 15 self paced workbooks/upcoming videos with mentoring chat to ask questions personally mentored by me, gain discount on 1-1 sessions,mentoring plans, live workshops, meditation course and more, take a look at the price plans

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