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Yoga at Home

 A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

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MY PURPOSE -I have arrived to a point where i feel i need to be useful in life, so i want to help as many people as i can to turn their life around and start seeing their worth and value in the bigger picture, so many people are struggling in so many situations and don't see any way out. Often the biggest trap is our perspective and repetitive behaviour which dosen't serve our higher purpose, so we can say we are more often than not, our own worst enemy. 

I have gained tools in identifying these sabotaging ways of thinking and behavioural patterns through my life experience and personal growth and trainings with highly experienced teachers in Ayurveda, Mindfulness and NLP,  Hypnotherapy,  CBT and Lifecoaching and have the means to help change them but there needs to be a willingness to take action and faith to move forward. 

So if you feel something stirring inside and need to change then i can help you with many useful techniques.

Whether it be your job, love life, general health, child or teenage problems or maybe a combination of everything and general unsatisfaction, maybe you just don't know what's happening and need to make some sense of it all.

My personal experience has covered family situations, awareness, social awareness, anxiety, spiritual growth, trauma, burnout,

personal managment, business managment and holistic wellbeing.

 My aim is to offer a support system for many so by becoming a paid member you can sustain others while helping yourself.

You will have access to workbooks, club, podcast meditation and discount on services.

I thank you for helping me to help inspire others, one person at a time.

We can do this!

"Openness isn't the end; It's the Beginning"

How can i help You?
My helping skills

Certified Life Coach

Empathic listening

lets rebalance your life together

Ayurvedic Holistic Coach

Establish healthy Habits

I will help you

Optimise your situation with goal setting and action planning

Hypnotherapy discover and release sub conscious blocks


CBT practitioner discover your limiting thoughts emotions and behaviors

Make a donation to become a member and get access to podcasts-workbooks-blog and mentoring workshops 

“Sarah is a professional that operates with her hands but above all with her heart and she captivates everyone she meets, trying is believing!”

Ayurvedic experience

-Maria Zuccarelli

“I am an Aromatherapist and was fortunate enough to work with Sarah 20 years ago. She has continued to inspire me ever since, her freindship, support, encouragment and love has played a valuable part in my life.

I feel blessed to have found her all those years ago!"

- Deborah Casulli

"Sarah helped me so much on my journey.


Thanks to her i got new perspectives on


my life and was able to make important


decisions for my future growth towards


living my best life. I am very grateful that


our paths crossed. I cant recommend her


highly enough. Thank you Sarah !"

- Dominika Mackova

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.