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What am I here for?

It makes me feel so sad when I hear people say this and I am actually hearing it a lot recently, there is so much chaos in the world and when we are sensitive people, sometimes it's hard to cope our mental health and emotional well being are compromised.

I know this well because I have been there!

People who care and think about everything, not only their own problems but also all of the problems going on in the world, easily fall in to a spiral and become overwhelmed, they can also fall into the victim mindset because of the weight they feel they are carrying.

The truth is that it is not our responsibility, we do not have to feel bad about everyone and everything, that doesn't make us bad people!.

Some people fall and find it really hard to get themselves out of the strong feelings they have inside them that give them great discomfort, I believe that our bodies hold trauma so it is really necessary to speak to someone that is able to help work through the pain.

Maybe when we start to understand the blockages we have inside and the lack of flow then we can start to find some peace and take the reins of our lives again.

"Meaningful work gives life purpose and connects you to something bigger than yourself!"

We need in this case to take a deep dive into ourselves and make connection with the source with in.

Know who we are, our connection with everything and that we are here for a reason.

I highly recommend meditation, any type you like, especially in a group if possible as that also creates connection with others.

Be prepared to change and accept change as the means to growth, now I know that change can be difficult for many people and that there is also fear in not knowing the future, uncertainty but it is necessary to move out of the rut.

Small steps, action and knowing and accepting ourselves are the only way out, get help if your struggling!

Knowing yourself first then what you want to do based on your skills or discovering new ones which can create a meaningful activity as we need connection with others.

All of this will bring us to receiving back from the universe what ever we have planted, in many wonderful ways.

I hope this helps someone!........ peace be with you......Sarah

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