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Unapologetically Me!

Who is that?

We need to grow, we need to know who we are at our core which means understanding that we are also energetic beings and accepting that part of us as well, mind/emotion, body and soul.

Each one of us needs to know that we need to be completely independent and responsible for ourselves, on all levels as this gives us an amazing sense of freedom, because then we can really start to live how we want to without dependency and co dependency.

When we feel grounded to the earth, here, now, alive, connected to our mother the earth and pulsating with that energy which we can feel, channelling it through us in meditation.

we can start to create.

Many are creating anyway as they are naturally driven but some may find it more difficult as they are not totally aware of themselves.

If we feel that we need to hide ourselves, then we are not living our authentic life.

Hiding who we really are, always saying yes even though we may not want to, striving for perfection, trying to please everyone, comparing ourselves to others, talking ourselves out of doing things with our fear based internal voice, generally holding ourselves back in so many ways then we are not being our authentic selves.

How to start?

Start to say no, just try, after the first you will feel empowered.

Be less perfect, resist the urges, strive for excellence instead which is your best with calm and allow others to be themselves.

Start pleasing and accepting yourself, by making time for yourself and having more awareness of your own needs.

Become aware of your thoughts and the connection to your emotions that may be stopping you from doing what you want to do.

Be aware of your behaviour is it true to your authentic self or is it based on limiting beliefs?

These are a few steps to becoming your authentic best possible self, living your vision for your life and being creative, without holding back.

You may consider joining our community of personal growth, you will be guided through this process by me in a community mentoring chat, 12 essential workbooks for personal growth, Ayurvedic constitution workbooks to know exactly how to balance yourself on a physical level, guided meditation and discount on 1-1 coaching sessions for what ever you may be having problems with in your journey, I will also do live workshops on any topics the community suggests, all for just 120 euro a year, 10 euro a month, click the link to join!

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