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Ego v's Love

When we start to become aware of ourselves in our personal growth, we will start to notice the voices in our head and what they may be saying, Its almost like having a little devil and a little angel inside us constantly giving little prompts.

Behind all of that there is a space of neutrality a quiet space and from there we can watch the theatre of our minds and realise that we are not our thoughts, they don't control us, so ideally that is where we want to be.

What is our Ego saying?

Well we could call him the devil if you like he repeats to us all of our limiting beliefs and biases that we have learned through our experiences in life at any given point. They reside in the mind.

"Be careful of this", "Watch out for that"! and the strategies and behaviours because of it.

Ego may say: " I'm entitled to be hurt and angry", Where as Self Love would say: "I can forgive and move on"

What is Self Love saying?

Self love is the angel and can be more or less developed depending on our self improvement than the Ego, depending on our self talk and beliefs. It's more the feel good voice inside us the one that really knows what's best, it comes from the wise mind, heart and solar plexus.


Forgiveness is weakness Forgiveness is maturity

Fears love and wants control Understanding and openhearted

Loves opinion but not truth Loves Truth and honesty

Dishonesty helps manipulate Transparency and freedom

Relationships should meet my needs Relationships are honouring and


Score keeper of injustice, critic Prioritise trust and connection

Remains in past hurt and events Moves on, releases and creates intimacy

Seeks unearned rewards relationships work 100%-100% effort

Intimacy is determined by sex Intimacy is mutual trust

We could go on to many more examples, these are just a few that help with working out where we are within ourselves, are we listening to our devil or our angel?

what kind of a reality are we creating for ourselves?
Do our beliefs move us towards fulfilling our dreams or do they keep us in the same place, an uncomfortable comfort zone?

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