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Who should i be?

Updated: Aug 29

Great question! something we have all asked ourselves at some point in our lives.

Well, first of all there are no should's, they come under the rigid rule keeping in limiting beleifs.

Our society puts so many categories, labels, gendas on to things and really we don't have to be considered any of them, all we really need to do is understand ourselves at our core.

So! have you ever asked yourself that question,

"Who am i at my core"

What are you percieving as yourself?

Which virtues do you innately have?

What are your core values?

I have been in many workshops where on asking these simple questions, people really have no idea about themselves, because we have never stopped to ask naturally or we have a vague idea and go on with our lives and put certain parts of our lives, like work and finances in a higher category.

That being said eventually we often come to a point of not being happy or satisfied with what we have achieved because it was not built on a solid foundation.

What does that mean?

Knowing who we are!

Knowing our core values as they are what drive us and recognising that our core values are met in everything we choose to interact with.

Being aware of ourselves on all levels, spirit, mind and body and centering in the heart.

Being aware means recognising what is working for us and not against us also how our behaviour is working for us in engaging with others.

Are we being open to question or have we got barriers up and are we being open to change.

We also have natural skills that we can consider and think about, maybe they have a hidden purpose for our life.

Simple but very profound, start to really think about who you are.

I percieve the connection with the earth and the frequency of the universe that flows through me and I ground in to the earth consciously, I am part of everything and everything is part of me, I live in the present moment, I am always working on that.
thankyou for reading

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