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Updated: Jul 10, 2023

The light is always with us no matter how dark living seems, we can become trapped in our past , often because of the limiting beliefs about what happened to us,.

Believing we are alone because we felt lonely at a certain time in our lives, due to circumstances we didn't understand.

Believing we can't become wealthy or create the life we want because there was a lack of finances when we were young.

Thinking we are unlovable because of someone leaving us or feeling rejected as though it was our fault.

All of these situations create belief's which consequently create unhelpful habits like people pleasing, running away instead of facing difficult situations.

We can learn about these limitations and change our habits formed by them, learn how to better manage ourselves and others by learning healthy boundaries and better ways of communicating.

I can help you with that!

"The presence of fear and darkness does not mean that the hopeful parts of me cease to exist!"

I have journied through many dark moments in my life,

i've touched rock bottom and contemplated not being here any more, i know what that feels like,

I know what feeling alone and not understood feels like,

I know what unhealthy attachments feel like and how difficult it is to peel yourself away from the fake life you have constructed around distorted beliefs due to trauma.

I know what it's like to be given too much responsability as a child and become a people pleaser because of it, i know what it feels like to be passive aggressive and eventually blow up.

I know what it feels like to be extrasensory and feel everyone elses feelings too and learn to decipher what was mine and what was theirs.

It is all very hard to go beyond, especially with out help, without someone to talk to who understands what your going through.

My path was spiritual and what i chose to do with my life helped me greatly to understand myself, CBT really helped me to understand my mind and my beliefs but to also recognise everyone elses so knowledge is important especially when it is applied and put into action.

No one ever said life would be easy and there is always something that comes along but the more you change and understand yourself the more you move into peace and you can make good choices that bring you peace.

"Faith is in me, that is my light, i know that i am one with everything and that if i allow myself to vibrate with it, life runs through me"

So Meditate in anyway you choose, be creative in any way you choose, connect to nature, be grateful everyday for something, smile into your heart and reside there and always honour yourself where you are as life is a long path of learning.

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